U.S. to Place Tariffs on Solar Panels From China – NYTimes.com

For anyone who doesn’t realize that solar power is getting to be a real next-generation force in global economics, read this.

“…The tariffs were smaller than some American industry executives had hoped for — 2.9 percent to 4.73 percent — which could blunt their effect on the market. But additional tariffs could be imposed in May, when the Commerce Department is scheduled to decide whether China is “dumping” solar panels into the United States at prices below their actual cost. A finding of dumping would result in additional tariffs that could be far larger than the anti-subsidy tariffs…

Whatever political spin proponents or critics might want to put on the tariff decision, there is no question that solar panels from China now control about half the American market, while panel makers based in the United States hold less than one-third. American imports of Chinese solar panels have soared to $2.65 billion last year from $21.3 million in 2005…

China now has about 700 solar panel manufacturers with a combined annual production capacity of 40 gigawatts of electricity — the electric power equivalent, at peak sunlight hours, to the total output of every electrical generating station in New York State… ”

U.S. to Place Tariffs on Solar Panels From China – NYTimes.com

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